Friday, May 26, 2017

Welcome To The World of Bitcoin Faucets

Welcome To The World of Bitcoin Faucets

If you are new to bitcoins and wanted to earn from it by claiming from websites that give free satoshis (a unit of bitcoin), read first the following information before proceeding.

  1. You need to have a bitcoin address which you can get by opening up a bitcoin wallet. Among the popular bitcoin wallets are the following:
    • If you are from the Philippines, this wallet is highly recommended because of its ties to local banks and establishments.

    • Coinbase
    • Xapo
    • Blockchain
  2. Sign up to Faucethub and Epay, the two major micropayment systems usually used by the website/faucet owners to process their payments.
  3. Because of the popularity of bitcoin right now and significant increases in value, most of the faucet owners reduces the free satoshis that you can claim. Faucet owners also frequently changes the amount of satoshis you can claim and the frequency depending upon the price of bitcoins. Expect some faucets to get dry from time to time, just come back later.

All right! You now have the necessary tools to claim free satoshis. Just a reminder! Don't be surprise to encounter pop-up ads, it's part and parcel in a faucet site. Most of the site also requires you to enter captchas and antibots to prevent fraud.

For faucets that pays directly to your wallet, click here.

For faucets that pays to FaucetHub, click here.

For faucets that pays to ePay, will just wait and see first because there are lot of rumors going out right now about ePay.


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